Welcome to Respirometry Plus,

an Arthur company that since 1968 has been recognized as
the leader in developing respirometers, as well as a wealth of
test methods.  The tests, which are known as respirometry
are tools for observing metabolic activity in any living system.

Respirometry Plus, LLC  offers
Two respirometer models

shown is a Single unit in Waterbath, Double units available

The fully automated Arthur Respirometer has been sold
worldwide to municipalities and industries for over 40 years. 
Now we are re-introducing it as our Phase V model with
updated electronics, one or two 2-liter sample chambers and
a built-in computer with touch screen controls.  Remaining
unchanged however, are all of the unique features that enable
this respirometer to simulate exactly the activity of a full scale
activated sludge plant and provide test results in minutes.

Not to be compared with research type respirometers
featuring multiple small bottle sample chambers, the Arthur
Respirometer tests large, truly representative samples that can
be easily observed in clear acrylic 2-liter chambers. This is an
operator-friendly instrument that is built to last for many years.


The Simplified Respirometer is a low cost version

of the fully automated model.  Although it is less
automated, it has all of the important features of
the Phase V, and it is just as capable of providing
significant information.  The readout of volume
of oxygen use is manual, not electronic, thus
reducing the cost.
A simple, sturdy instrument for many purposes.

On the following pages we invite you to
explore the capabilities of the two models,
the instrument specifications and some
of the test methods we have developed.

Respirometry Plus is currently searching for distributors
in Asian and Latin American countries who are
knowledgeable in activated sludge wastewater treatment.

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  Outside USA and Canada: 920-922-6970
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