Why Use a Simplified Respirometer?

  . It is a cost effective way to replace some of the old
    tedious and boring tests with some that are interesting,
    useful and often dramatic.

    . Tests in the 2-liter sample chamber are highly visible,
    making this respirometer ideal for student projects or
    demonstrations in real time.

  . Respirometry lets the student SEE metabolism as it
    occurs, not just observe the final results.

  . Students can change food, nutrients and temperature,
add alcohol or easily attainable pharmaceuticals and
watch the results as they occur.

   . Students can obtain immediate results of metabolic
     activity, measure metabolic effects of environmental

 .   Biology can be a quantitative course


       Respiration related to size and weight of organism

       Effect of temperature on rate of  respiration

         Metabolic rate related to age of organism

         Metabolic efficiency as measured by respiration

         Effect of toxins and stress on the organism

       As a calorimeter - the amount of oxygen needed 
oxidize a given weight of a substance


        Ethanol Production

        Soil Bioremediation


        Green House Gases

        Biotreatment of Wastes


        Biodegradability of Manufactured Products

Compost Tiers                                                 
333-026  Set of perforated stages fit
inside sample chamber for testing
solid samples. Air flows freely through
the sample throughout the test period.

333-030    2-liter live organism chamber   mouseinchamber

333-027  Acrylic Water Bath for temperature control

A letter to all educators
t's very likely that you have never heard of
our company, Respirometry Plus, but we've been
in the respirometer business for over 40 years.

During these years, we developed and manufactured the
Arthur Respirometer for the biological wastewater
treatment field. Frequently I was contacted by
teachers and biology professors who wanted very badly to
have one of our respirometers to use in their biology
classes.  You see, many of the respirometric tests performed
by wastewater technicians could become the basis for biology
class demonstrations, or as student laboratory experiments. 

The best feature of our respirometer is its versatility,
because it can be used to measure rate of oxygen use in
aerobic respiration, and rate of gas production in anaerobic
processes.  As a biology teacher/professor, I am sure that
you can appreciate the value of teaching these biological
processes with today's intense interest in energy creation by
natural methods, in the advantages of composting waste
products, in biodegradation of soils, and so forth.

There was one very big obstacle for the educators who wanted
one of our respirometers - a lack of money to purchase. The
price of the fully automated respirometer that we were
manufacturing for the wastewater field ranged from $15,000 to
$20,000 per sale, and few educators could afford this.  Our goal,
therefore, was to develop an instrument that was priced at a
fraction of the automated version. Of course we had to eliminate
many of the bells and whistles that the wastewater field required,
and this we have been able to do.

With the Simplified Respirometer, the readout is manual, not
electronic, so students will need to read the results and record the
test results on a computer. They can use Microsoft Excel to graph
the results, or draw the graph by hand. The student will be very
involved, observing the easily-viewed tests taking place in a two-
liter acrylic chamber, recording the results and using his/her
computer skills to chart the progress. There is also no waterbath to
provide temperature control, but that can be provided as an extra.
Also, the instrument will fit in an incubator.

The Simplified Respirometer costs a fraction of what we had to
charge for the fully automated model, yet it is an equally
effective instrument.  Please explore this website to learn more
about what this teaching tool can do for your students. If you want
more complete information and a price quotation, go to our
"Contact Us" page and make your request. I will provide the
requested information promptly,

Best regards,

Robert M. Arthur, Ph.D., P.E.

Technical Director

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